• Kori Douglas

Big Little Crafts

With recruitment fast approaching, everyone is spending there summer crafting for their future littles. Pinterest is a great place to start for ideas but here are some of our favorite crafts to give to our littles! Zlam!

Breakfast with ZTA

Who doesn't love the classic Tiffany's colors and heart pendent?

Crown It!

Every Zeta girl needs a crown canvas. Remember only the best get crowned!

Strawberry Fields

Cute, simple and great to show off Zeta and one of our sorority's symbols!


Keep your little's dorm room on trend and have a sleek, stylish Adidas inspired canvas with a Zeta spin of course!

See You In a Crown

Billie Eilish said it best, "You should see me in a crown." She was definitely talking about ZTA in this song.

Came Through Dripping

Drip lettering is super popular now a days so why not put a ZTA spin on it. It'll make all your future little's friends jealous.

Dream Big

This saying may be cheesy but the message is real. Inspire your little with a watercolored canvas with this uplifting quote!

Zeta Jacket

Give your little a stylish denim jacket so she can rep your letters on campus. A custom denim jacket hand painted by her big is perfect for this!

Crafting Tips!

  1. Use paint pens to trace and fill in spaces. It makes it a lot easier to have a clean look.

  2. You can also trace things from your laptop screen using tissue paper. Just pull up the picture on ur computer screen and using a pencil trace over the lines. Then put the traced image on top of the canvas and trace over the lines again using a sharpie and the sharpie will bleed through so you don’t have to free hand anything!

  3. Mix colors! It can be hard to find the exact color you want straight from a bottle but by mixing colors you can create unique and fun colors that you can’t buy!

  4. Adding black outlines around designs makes things look super neat and clean.

  5. When painting use 2-3 coats so all the colors are even and opaque! Waiting for the paint to dry between coats is annoying so blow dry the canvas so it doesn’t take as long!

  6. Have a location in your house dedicated to crafting! Having all the supplies in one area makes it easier to start projects so you don't waste time setting things up.

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