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Meet the Public Relations Chair: Kori Douglas

Updated: Jun 3

Hi everyone and welcome to Beta Omicron's Chapter Blog. My name is Kori Douglas and I am the Public Relations Chairman on Programs Council. My position entails running the blog as well as creating a monthly newsletter for the chapter. I cannot wait to give everyone an introduction to ZTA and my position in my first blog post!


Going through recruitment can seem nervous and exciting at the same time. I wasn't sure what to expect especially because of it being all virtual due to the pandemic. From the moment I talked to all the girls in ZTA I saw how passionate they were about their sisterhood, philanthropy, and everything in between. I wanted a chapter that I could grow in and become involved in right away and ZTA showed me those opportunities from the start. I also felt personally connected to ZTA due to the philanthropy, breast cancer education and awareness as my mother is a breast cancer survivor. I knew my involvement in this chapter would make a difference in women's lives and that struck home with me. On bid day I was so excited when my Pi Chi called and said I was offered a bid from Zeta. I knew I had found my home and getting to meet everyone on bid day was great because everyone was so positive and welcoming.

Programs Council

I knew I wanted to become involved during my time in Zeta Tau Alpha and the great thing about Zeta is that you can become involved immediately as a freshman. Freshman are able to apply for positions on Executive Council, Programs Council as well as assistant and committee positions within the chapter. Programs Council felt like a good fit for me because I felt I would be able to see the impact I was having on the chapter while also easing into a leadership role and could adjust to this new responsibility. All the other women on the council are so sweet and always willing to help each other out and Hayley Holson, our VPI: Vice President of Programming, is a great leader and mentor to our group.

Public Relations Chairman

Being in this position I have the unique opportunity to talk to a wide variety of girls in the chapter and highlight what makes Zeta Tau Alpha unique, from sisters leadership positions in outside organizations, to our social events, to our philanthropy events. The newsletter goes out to members, parents and alumni of the chapter so I always make sure to highlight a wide variety of events, sisters and more. This position has had me talk to so many more girls than I would have without this position and has made ZTA feel more like home to me. As I get the blog up and running again, I hope that I can show all of you how ZTA is a place where you have common values with your sisters but also bring your own unique experiences and personality to the chapter. I also hope to show you all the opportunities that lie in ZTA and at Carolina that can change your life completely. This position gives me the opportunity to highlight the chapter that has changed my life and I hope you see how special this chapter is to not only me but also to all the sisters that call it home.

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