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Meet the Zisters | Week 4

Gracie Jackson

Hi guys! My name is Gracie Jackson and I am a rising sophomore with a double major in Management and Marketing. The moment I stepped into Zeta Tau Alpha during recruitment, I knew it was meant to be my home. All the girls were so friendly and easy to get along with, and I truly could tell how strong their bond and sisterhood was. After being in the chapter for nearly

a year, I am SO happy to say I got crowned! Each day brings new opportunities to get involved and so many fun events to get to know more girls than you could ever imagine. The reason I went Zeta was because I was passionate about their philanthropy, loved how early I was able to get involved in a leadership position, and felt right at home with all the Zisters! Being able to join the executive committee as a freshman and take on the role of Panhellenic Delegate was extremely rewarding and gave me the opportunity to interact with girls of all ages from different chapters.

My all time FAVORITE Zeta memory was the Barbie Dreamhouse themed Bid Day 2019. The excitement I felt when I opened up my shirt was unlike any other, and running home to my new sisters was the best feeling in the world! The best part of the entire day, however, was meeting the girls who I would soon call my best friends and future bridesmaids. I never would have thought I would meet such amazing, supportive, and funny people like them in college, yet there I was, lucky enough to meet them my first day as a new member in ZTA!

Zeta Tau Alpha has definitely changed me for the better. Coming into college, I was nervous about making friends and not extremely confident in my own skin. However, I have not only grown as an individual, yet I have also grown in my academics, leadership skills, and confidence. All of these things would not have been possible without the love and support from all of my sisters!

Although this year might look a little different due to the ongoing events in the world, I could not be more excited to move into the ZTA house and see what this school year has in store. To all of the incoming freshman: take advantage of every moment of your first year here at USC. Make sure to trust the recruitment process, study for every test, and attend as many football games as possible. USC truly is a one-of-a-kind school, and I am SO thankful to be a Carolina Gamecock and a part of Zeta Tau Alpha!

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