• Kori Douglas

Zeta Values | Part 2

Here at Zeta Tau Alpha we have 9 key values that drive us as a sisterhood. As sisters we try to live these values out in our everyday lives and truly embody what it means to be a Zeta. These values are what bonds us as members and helps us find future members to continue Zeta's legacy. We wanted to highlight some of our leading members who go above and beyond within the chapter, their classes and friend groups. Going into formal recruitment in the next weeks, we are so excited to showcase some of our members that embody these values in their day to day lives.

Life Long Learning: Kate Livingstone PC'17

"Kate embodies lifelong learning because she is always striving to educate herself and continue to grow and improve. We are so lucky to have her as an amazing member of our chapter!" - Cat Hood PC'18
"Kate is the most dependable, hardworking and determined sister. She has a drive but also has an approachable personality which makes her someone to learn from and look up to. She is not afraid to say how she feels and she always takes care of those around her. She is a loyal, trustworthy, no judgement sister who is always there when you need her." - Bella Ferrante PC'17

Love: Jackie Kurtz PC'19

"Jackie never goes a day without trying her best to brighten everyone's day. She is always the first the remind you how loved you are, and always does her best to spread the love." - Sydney Hoover PC'19

Loyalty and Commitment: Alex Pletniewski PC'18

"As an incoming freshman, I was anxious about having to adjust to an entirely different environment. Alex helped me feel at home from the very start, round 1 of recruitment, and is now my big! She was there for me through thick and thin, helping to guide and mentor me as best she could. I know I can always count on her no matter what!" - Sally Park PC'19

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